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HARO HARA: Pilgrimage to Kataragama, Sri Lanka

Haro Hara: Pilgrimage to Kataragama is a beautiful feature length documentary film following Tamil Hindu and Sri Lankan Vedda pilgrims as they walk to Kataragama on the pada yatra, an ancient 300 KM foot pilgrimage down the east coast of Sri Lanka. Haro Hara vividly captures the diversity of Hindu bhakti religious experiences (pujas, bhajanas, mantras, possession, and various acts of devotional asceticism).  Filmed primarily in 2003 and 2004, Haro Hara documents the ritual lives of pilgrims as they pass through military and rebel check points, war torn towns, pastoral or seaside villages and dwindling jungles to reach the sacred enclave of Kataragama, where they observe the 14 night Esala festival in honor of Murugan/Skanda, lord of Kataragama.  Once reaching Kataragama, these Hindu pilgrims join with Buddhists and Muslims to celebrate in peace.  The film is useful to scholars and students of religion, anthropology, sociology, musicology and political science.

Nomad Productions/Permanent Marks
Narrated by : Sharika Thiranagama
Co Producer: Sebastian Demian
Executive Producer: Ethan Higbee
Written and Directed by Samuel Holt
Language; Tamil, Sinhala & English w/ English Subtitles
93minutes 2007

Haro Hara is a part of the following university library systems:
Arizona State University
Bowdoin College
Bucknell University
Carleton College
Carthage College
College of the Holy Cross
Columbia University
Colgate University
Concordia College
Cornell University
Emory University
Grinnell College
Harvard University
Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Humboldt State University
Illinois Wesleyan University
Kalamazoo University
Lake Forest College
Macalester College
Marquette University
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Northwestern University
NC State
Ramapo University
Princeton University
Southwestern University
Stanford University Univ. of Colorado - Boulder
Univ. of California - Irvine
Univ. of Dayton
Univ. of Iowa
Univ. of Texas – San Antonio
Univ. of Virginia
Univ. of Pennsylvania
Univ. of Vermont
Whitman College
Yale University

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