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INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS: "International Friends"

Released in 2005, this self-titled CD format debut by International Friends is a multi textured sound odyssey with an oddly unclassifiable quality. Ambient sound FX segments bridge together tracks that range in tone and tempo from Screwed to trance. With liberal use of delay and kids keyboards throughout, this collection of International Friends compositions is still weird, but it’s more “easy listening” than their one take tape recorded jams.

Available on International Friends - International Friends

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Music From The Motion Picture "Weapons"

“A slow, hazy hip-hop trip through screwed-up young America, "Weapons" is the anti-"Boyz n the Hood...the movie's most memorable aspect may be its soundtrack."
-Anthony Kauffman, Indiewire.com, Jan 19, 2007

Available on International Friends - Weapons (Music from the Motion Picture)

LIL'B: "I'm Thraxx"

The debut solo release from Bay Area Rap sensation Lil B of The Pack. Since penning his 2006 hit "Vans," Lil B has recorded 1,000 songs and established himself as one of the most exciting voices in the game. "I'm Thraxx" is the long-awaited concentrated energy of the Rawest Rapper Alive.

Available on Lil B. - I'm Thraxx

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LIL'B: "6 Kiss"

Lil B's second official solo mixtape/album of 2009. "6 Kiss" tracks B as he states his case for his place among the pantheon of Rap greats with a mix of gritty reality based rap and brilliant storytelling. From "I'm God" to "I'm the Devil," 6 Kiss's track listing is a transcendent metaphor for Lil B's journey through Rap and versatility as a writer/performer. Cover art by Benjamin Marra.
Available on Lil B. - 6 Kiss

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nahte: "Viper in a Pre Dawn Raid"

Viper in a Pre Dawn Raid is the first collection of solo synth pop folk ballads from Ethan Higbee of International Friends. In the spirit of the work of home recording artists like R. Stevie Moore and Ariel Pink, Pre Dawn Raid is a bedroom 4-track style album, but with more synthesizers and 16th note hi-hats. This album is one of the most interesting singer/songwiter albums of 2007 because nahte doesn't bore you to death with love songs that don't go anywhere. Each one of these tunes bears fruit from a direction you don't expect.

Available on nahte - Viper In a Pre Dawn Raid

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DJ YO-YO DIETING: "Blest Witches Flexing"

Rare glass mastered CD release from the inimitable DJ Yo-Yo Dieting aka Pat Maherr aka Sisprum Vish aka Glamorous Pat aka Indignant Senility from Portland, Oregon.

Available on Dj Yo Yo Dieting - Blest Witches Flexing

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The new album from International Friends.

Available on International Friends - Jam Exposed

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