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Featured Album
I'm Thraxx
The debut solo release from Bay Area Rap sensation Lil B of The Pack. Since penning his 2006 hit "Vans," Lil B has recorded 1,000 songs and established himself as one of the most exciting voices in the game. "I'm Thraxx" is the long-awaited concentrated energy of the Rawest Rapper Alive. MORE [+]

Featured Book
The Cocaine Con Game:
Handbook for Health
by Robert Golden
Robert Golden's manuscript, "The Cocaine Con Game - Handbook for Health," takes an intellectual street hustlers perspective on the intricacies of the cocaine trade. Covering topics ranging from "cocaine cosmetics" to nasal cavity health, "The Cocaine Con Game" will educate and empower readers with the knowledge needed to navigate the dangerous world surrounding this mysterious powder. MORE [+]
The Upsetter: The Life & Music of Lee "Scratch" Perry

THE UPSETTER tells the fascinating story of Lee Scratch Perry, a visionary musician and artist from poor rural Jamaica, in his own words, through an exclusive interview given to American filmmakers Ethan Higbee and Adam Bhala Lough in Switzerland in 2006. It is equally a documentation of 30 years of Jamaican music and culture and a character study of one of the most creative and inspiring human beings alive today. more [+]